Dear Lovers of Hidden Meaning,

May you enjoy my tiny images hidden in these larger stories. I describe the "story" on the back of each bowl or plate, along with its place in its limited edition. If you come up with your own story, that is part of the fun. Customers have characterized my work as "ancient," "spiritual," or having a "far-Eastern influence." My goal is to tell stories using superb detail and glorious colors.

I got to this place after working as a goldsmith for thirty years, when I abandoned gold and started working in glass in 2001. This glass technique is the perfect foil for the goldsmith's temperament—while I feel at home with the intricate etching, the unpredictability of glass has required much experimentation. Glass has forced me to grow as an artist.

I use black sheet glass with a metallic (dichroic) coating. I make drawings in CAD (Computer Aided Drawing), and use that drawing to tell a laser where to etch away the dichroic coating to reveal the black glass underneath. Once I have my dichroic/black glass etching, I add a layer of colored glass and fuse the assembly flat, at 1450 degrees, to melt the two pieces together. Finally I fire the assembly again at 1150 degrees, gently, slowly slumping it into bowl shape.

In my other life I am Deputy Mayor of Logansport.